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Refugees - How can we help?


The growing refugee crisis is an overwhelming situation.  It is overwhelming for the people who are risking everything to escape their situation, and also for the countries trying to help them. Nevertheless some countries are doing their best to help.  

But what about Britain?

At the moment our country is focussed on a negative question: How do we keep these people out? The problem with a negative question is that it leads to a negative answer i.e. build bigger fences.

What would happen if we asked a positive question instead?

Jesus was a refugee in Egypt for the first few years of his life. Interestingly his standard question when he encountered someone in need was a positive one: 'How can I help?' 

Now there's a good question that invaiably leads to a positive outcome.  So let's redeem how we think about this situation.  As a nation and as individuals let's lead with the question:  How can we help?

Maybe we'll be surprised at the difference we can make simply by asking a positive question.  

Please find here a response from the churches in the North of England, which New Life fully endorses