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Life Group notes

Life Group notes

Our most recent past series of Life Group notes can be downloaded below.  If you would like to see any from our back library of notes, please contact the church office.





 1 Peter - Bible study guide by CWR  Good reasons for hope (available to buy online)  Dave Edwins  Sept - Dec 2016
 Video discussion  Pentecost  Rick Lewis in conversation  Any time!
 Worship and Witness  6 Peter  Jen Holder  27th June 2016
 Worship and Witness  5 Mary of Bethany  Matt Burrows  13th June 2016
 Worship and Witness  4 John  Diana Lucas  30th May 2016
 Worship and Witness  3 Daniel  Rob Campbell  16th May 2016
 Worship and Witness  2 David  Susanna Hinton  2nd May 2016
 Worship and Witness  1 Ruth  Kerry Morgan  18th April 2016
 adventure  3 Out of the Blue  Glen Cormack  14th December 2015
 adventure  2 Star Witness  Glen Cormack  30th November 2015
 adventure  1 Zechariah's child  Glen Cormack  16th November 2015