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New Life for Romania

New Life for Romania

NLFR has been running for 21 years. Our aim is to support families of all ages who live in poverty. Each year we send a full truck of aid to Simeria and Aiud, in the Transylvanian area of Romania. We also support 20 families in Aiud and 14 families in Simeria with a basic supply of groceries each month and we take donated medical supplies to the hospital in Aiud.


The families in each of these areas have a variety of needs and are from all ages. Many live in extremely poor conditions with little hope of bettering themselves, while others struggle below the poverty line on benefits which are inadequate to support them in their general living standards, health and social needs.

The 2015 appeal is under way, and donations of aid and Christmas shoe boxes would be very gratefully received.  For guidance as to what we can accept, please click here for our newsletter; and for guidance regarding what to put in the shoeboxes, please click here.  The deadline for bringing donations is 31st October 2015, Thank you for your continuing generosity.

Last year's appeal was very successful. A team of four people went out to help deliver some of the goods and also visited most of the families who are on the family project. It is always a privilege to pray with each family.  We hope to be able to continue with the same level of support and with the aid appeal, dependent on resources. We serve a God who is more than able to provide for our needs and therefore, we walk forward by faith.